Traditional recipes

The gastronomic offering of the province of Valencia has experienced an upswing lately in terms of both quality and quantity. Professional culinary experts and hospitality industry entrepreneurs have made a serious commitment to eating well, highlighting the range of great food products along with a series of events celebrated annually in a number of municipalities concentrating on a particular dish or specific product.

The hallmarks of Valencian cuisine are its Mediterranean flavours, the excellence of its produce and the simplicity of its preparation, something that is highly valued by the most discerning of palates.

Discover the star dishes and produce of our cuisine: Valencian paella, oven-baked rice, with an egg crust, ‘amb fesols i naps’ (with beans and turnips)… rice dishes with fish and seafood: ‘arroz a banda’ (rice cooked in a seafood stock), black rice, and more. But apart from rice, there are many more temptations such as ‘fideuà’ (vermicelli noodles cooked in a seafood stock), which originated in Gandia and its immediate surroundings, or ‘all i pebre’, which is an eel casserole typical of the area around the Albufera. Inland, the cuisine is robust and hearty, protein- and calorie-rich and based on powerful flavours, such as stews, rice casseroles, ‘gachas’ (flour-based porridge), ‘migas’ (made with breadcrumbs), Manchego-style gazpacho, ‘ajoarriero’ (cod and garlic-based stew), ‘morteruelo’ (pork liver casserole) and dishes deriving with the seasonal slaughter of pigs to provide meat and casseroles for the inland northern regions.

These dishes are normally accompanied by regional wines (Designation of Origin Utiel-Requena and Designation of Origen Valencia). And, to finish off, an excellent option is to accompany your dessert with a sweet mistela or moscatel wine while you choose between oranges grown in the groves of Valencia or a rich and varied range of pastries. And don’t miss trying ‘horchata’ from Alboraya (a milky drink made from tiger nuts) served with ‘farton’ sponge fingers.