En nowin the county of La Safor, we come to the restaurants on the vast golden sandy beach north of Gandia, where the indisputable star is the fideuà (foodfish vermicelli paella), so it stands to reason that the county capital is the venue for the International Fideuà Competition.

Gandia is not only known for its endless beaches of fine sand, but also because of its wide variety of typical gastronomy which doesn’t leave any visitor indifferent. Our most typical dish and for which Gandia is known from the United States of America to Japan, is the Fideua of Gandia, a type of fish Paella but carried out with a special kind of noodle which makes it different and unique.


Ingredients for 6 people

For the broth:

1.5 kg of rockfish “trash” of Fideuà onion, 1 ñora, 1 leek, 1 carrot, parsley, 100 ml
from Gandia.

For fideuà of Gandia:500 gr of monkfish, 6 red prawns, 6 scampi Gandia, 200 grams
of chopped tomato, 1 grated onion, paprika 30 g, 600 g Noodle No. 3, 150 ml of olive oil,
saffron threads, 1 clove of garlic. the market of Gandia. 200 g of tomato, 1
of olive oil.

For the broth:Washthe fish,vegetablesand
chop.Inapanaddolive oil,whenhotincorporate
rock fish“trash”sofreiremos.Weincorporate
vegetables and sofreiremos. Added 5 liters of
cold water.Bring mixture to boilskimand leave
40 minutes, strainand reserve.

For fideuà of Gandia

the oilo vermedium heat. Whenhot,addthe
prawnsand langoustines, frya littleand reserve.
Add the chopped garlicand gratedonion, when
golden incorporate paprika and tomato givinga
few laps to prevent burning. Add the monkfish,
saffron,wegiveafew lapsand add the hot fish
fund (about 2 liters). Loa incorporate noodles
and add saltand coloring. It is important to keep
the first five minutes at full power thisty peare
10or12minutes in the last three minutes put
the prawns and the prawns evenly over until it
is ready. Lets tand 5 minutes and you’re read to
serve. Were commend using a bow lof paella of
47 cm diameter for optimum processing.