The capital of La Safor administrative region was a pioneer in the beach tourism, as it was also in the trade between Spain and Europe. At the end of the last century, coal from Britain was imported through Gandia port and transported along a now inexistent railway line to the textile industries of Alcoy, an industrial city located in the mountains of Alicante. British companies improved the port facilities, which years later were filled with massive shipments of oranges destined for Europe. The cosmopolitanism inherent to this commercial life aroused an interest in the construction of summer houses in the vast sandy spaces north of the port.


The Yacht Club (tel.: 962 841 050) has 475 moorings and a sailing and nautical school.


Nord Beach in Gandia has held a blue flag since from 1987. The width of the coastal strip, the quality of its services and water, the presence of marine recreational areas comfortable and abundant culinary offer are factors that always leave visitors satisfied.

This authentic resort town hosts more than 65,000 inhabitants in the high season. A landscaped promenade separates the sandy beach from the road, responsible for carrying the traffic headed for the numerous buildings. The beach’s width, which at 124 m is one of the widest on the Valencian coast, and its perfect linearity, are just two of the factors that make the Gandia coastline an enviable tourist destination. The accommodation offered by some twenty hotels increases the depth of services offered to visitors that choose this ducal city for their holidays.

At the northern end of the municipality, the naturist beach of D’Ahuir (dunes and fine sand) is an ideal place for those in search of peace. Its distance from the local residential areas means that it attracts much fewer visitors. The extensive dune system has ecological value derived not only from its capacity to preserve its environment in a natural, but also because it acts as a barrier to prevent the seawater from penetrating the extensive cultivation areas located inland from the beach.

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