The Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park was declared as such on 16th February, 2007. It covers an area of 6451.17 ha, located between the administrative regions of La Plana Requena-Utiel and Los Serranos. Chera is located in a valley surrounded by olive and almond trees. The area consists of a rift valley, a subsidence with altitude differences ranging from the 350 metres at the Buseo Reservoir to the 1170 metres at “Cinco Pinos” peak. Sot de Chera is located in a fertile valley full of orange and carob trees, carved by the River Sot (or Reatillo) from impressive layers of intensely deformed and folded rock. The territory’s values are notable mainly for their diversity (biological and geological) and richness (hydraulic and cultural).

Water and geology are its most representative elements, giving rise to an enclave of great interest derived from its unique geological formations and the fluvial landscapes created by the River Sot, or Reatillo, “La Hoz” ravine, the Buseo reservoir and abundance of springs and natural waterfalls. The presence of priority habitats (petrifying springs, extensions of osyris, etc.) and protected species (terrapin, eagle, dippers, etc.) contributes to the high scenic quality and value of this natural area.

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Chera Technical Office

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C/Valencia, 13 – C.P. 46168 – Sot de Chera (Valencia)

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