The town sits atop a gently-sloped hill to the right of the River Turia. It has a population of about 20,700 inhabitants and is located 20 km from Valencia, at an altitude of 125 m above sea level.

How to arrive:

The main access roads to the town are: from Valencia and Manises via the CV-37 (formerly CV-370) road, which continues to Villamarchante. From Loriguilla and A-3/E-901, via the CV-374 road. From La Eliana and San Antonio de Benagéber, via the CV-336 road. From Puebla de Vallbona via the CV-372 road.


The local cuisine has the same characteristics as in the rest of the region, with special importance given to a wide variety of rice dishes and the sweets made in the local bakeries.


Celebrations are held in honour of Saint Anthony on 17th January, with traditional bonfires and the blessing of animals. “Fallas” are also celebrated from 15th to 20th March in honour of Saint Joseph. The village’s main festivities are held in honour the Assumption of Mary on 15th August, while the Holy Christ of the Afflicted is honoured on 14th September. It was traditionally considered a festivity for single men (“els fadrins”), as the village’s young people were responsible for organizing the festivities in honour of the Virgin.

Tourist Info

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