The presence of the textile industry has marked the appearance and given personality to the capital of the administrative region of the Vall d’Albaida.

The metamorphosis of an agricultural society with industrial presence into a fully-industrialised society took place in the 1950s. The life of the city has always depended on water, and the abundance of surrounding springs.

Ontinyent, as a demographic entity, is explained mainly by the existence of its extensive agricultural land, one of the ten most important agricultural areas in Valencia. The abundance of water and the use of the local waterfalls for energy explain the formidable concentration of manufacturing and fulling mills, as well as wool and paper plants, dating from the 18th century.

How to arrive:

How to arrive


Local gastronomy makes for a pleasant tourist experience.

The daily diet of most of the people of Ontinyent remains traditional, based on the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

Linked to the strong bond with the land, there is a long tradition of butchers. Ontinyent’s cured meats have a splendid reputation, especially the sausages. Similarly, its wines and olive oil enjoy very strong reputations.

Places of interest:


  • Church and Bell Tower of Saint Mary
  • The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception
  • Old Bridge (Pont Vell) dating from 1501
  • Stately Homes and Palaces
  • Convent of the Carmelite nuns (16th-18th century)
  • Church of Saint Michael (16th-/18th-centuries)
  • Church of Saint Charles (15th-/19th-centuries)
  • El Palacio de la Vila
  • Old part of the town. La Vila.


  • Natural Sciences Museum (Franciscan Convent) – (96 238 01 00).
  • Festivities Museum – (96 238 02 52).
  • MAOVA (Archaeological Museum of Ontinyent and la Vall d’Albaida) – (96 291 19 55).
  • Valencia Textile Museum


SL-CV 9: Castellar Trail (1km 30min).
SL-CV 19: El Remallar or Gamellons Trail (7.6km 2h 10min).
PR-CV 121: Els Enginyers – la Covalta Trail (16.5km 3h 35min).
PR-CV 122: Barranc dels Tarongers, camí Vell Ontinyent – Bocairent Trail. (10.2km 2h 25min).
PR-CV 306: El Cinquantenari Trail (22.8km 5h 30min).
GR7: Venta Boquilla – Alcoi (Municipality of Ontinyent – Bocairent >17.3km.4h50min).

More information:




Since 1860, one of the most renowned Moors and Christians festivities has been held on the last weekend in August in Ontinyent in honour of the Holy Christ of Agony. Over five days, twelve Moorish and twelve Christian parades simulate bloody battles with musketry and display unparalleled fantasy and magic through the streets of Textile city, with all the inhabitants anxiously awaiting the festivities for the entire year.

The many events include the parade of “Los Alardos” on the Thursday night, whilst Friday sees the entry into the city of the two armies. On Saturday morning, the “Contrabando” is held, whilst in the afternoon the “Baixada” is staged. The last day is dedicated to “Las Embajadas”, with the gallant parliaments striving to obtain an impossible surrender without battle.

Ontinyent Fair is held during the third weekend of November.

Between November and December, the Immaculate Conception is celebrated: activities include: bull-running, “Cant dels Angelets”, procession and dance of “La Veta”, “Los Arquets”, “Els Cavallets” and “Gigantes y Cabezudos”.

The rest of the year sees festivities held in the city’s neighbourhoods and hermitages, such as “El Cúgol”, Saint Anthony, “El Llombo”, etc.

Tourist Info

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Teléfono: 962916090
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