The municipality of Llaurí borders with the municipalities of Alzira, Corbera, Favara, Fortaleny and Sueca. The northernmost part lies on a plateau of recent quaternary sediments, covered by rice fields. The southern sector is where the village centre is to be found.

How to arrive:

From Valencia, Llaurí is accessed via the N-332, followed by the CV-510.


Rice with broth, baked rice (with raisins and sweet potato, a variant that is particular to the village), and the sweet “arnadí”, made with pumpkin and which is usually prepared at Easter.

Places of interest:

There are excellent natural landscapes, due to the village’s orographic situation in the foothills of the Sierra Corbera range: “Fuente de Sant Sofí”, “La Creu” and “el Mont Verd”.


Festivities in honour of Saint Blaise are held on 3rd February, with religious acts, a funfair and a craft fair, and “la pasaeta del mocador a Sant Blai”. Around 10th August, festivities are held in honour of Saint Lawrence.

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