Canals is a municipality located in the administrative region of La Costera. Its municipality is 160 m above sea level, sheltered by the Serra Grossa range.

In addition to its urban centre, Canals has other centres, such as the neighbourhood of “La Torreta”, and the hamlets of “Aiacor” and “La Torre dels Frares”.

How to arrive:

It can be reached from Valencia by the A-7 road (direction Albacete), junction 640 to Ontinyent and Alcoy. From Alcoy-Ontinyent by the CV-40 road, junction Canals Sur; and from Albacete, along the A-35 (direction Valencia), junction 634 to Canals.


Typical dishes include oven-baked rice with lean pork meatballs and stews.

Local sweets include typical cakes such as sweet potato cake, butter patties, anise rolls and “rosegons”.

Places of interest:

Various archaeological remains identify Canals with an ancient Roman city, which was located on the Via Augusta (later to become the Castile Road).

We must not overlook a visit to the Tower, the town’s most emblematic symbol, and the Oratory of the Borgias, where Pope Callixtus III was born, the parish church and Plaza de la Lloca. Canals is part of the BORGIAS ROUTE, which runs through the municipalities and towns that linked to the story of the most universal Valencian family: The Borgias.

The old part of the town has typical alleys and squares, and some façades have small ceramic chapels with invocations (12th/14th centuries).

Canals also has interesting natural sites, such as “les Moles”, “Gorg de Sant Pere” (both on the River Canyoles), and “Picatxos”.

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The main festivities take place on 16th, 17th and 18th January in honour of Saint Anthony the Abbott. They stand out for the burning of “la foguera”, the largest bonfire in the world, and for the day of “els parells”, during which the villagers, mounted on horseback, hand out thousands of toys in the village streets.

These festivities are very interesting for tourists due to the bonfires and “parells”.

During the second weekend of September, a fair is held in honour of the Holy Christ of Health. These festivities include paella, bull-running, the “Youth Zone” and a fancy-dress party.

Tourist Info

Address: Avinguda de Selgas, 2
Código postal: 46800
Teléfono: 962273346
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Horario: Tuesday to Thursday from 10 to 17 h ; Friday from 10 a.m. to 6pm, and Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10 a.m. to 5pm