The Ayora-CofrentesValleyoffers a rich and varied natural and monumental heritage and borders the province of Albacete.

In Cofrentes you will find the remains of a castle and some of the most amazing resorts in the Valencian Community.

The Castle of Ayora(the capital of the region), offers interesting landscapes, whilst at the edge of the region the Iberian village of Castellar de Mecais one of the most beautiful in the province.

A few kilometers away you will find Jalance, home tothe Cave of Don Juan, one of the few caves of the province which can be visited.

Also worthy of mention are the castles scattered across the region, the most important being Chirel Castle in Cortes de Pallas and the ruins of the castle of Jarafuel. The National Hunting reserve of the Muela de Cortes is home to Spanish goats and many diverse species of game.

Large hydroelectric projects have transformed the countryside of the valley and La Muela in recent years: the Cortes II reservoir and the immense Cortada reservoir make up one of the most complex hydroelectric projects in Spain. La Muela also conserves a rich cultural heritage.

The GR-7 European long-distance trail crosses the region of La Muela from North to South.

The 12 km Ruta Fluvial Júcar is the only riverside pathway in the Valencian Community. It passes through Cofrentes and Cortes de Pallásand offers a chance to visit unmatched countryside

How to arrive:

Fromthe A3 take the N-330 towards Valle de Ayora-Cofrentes in the direction of Almansa. This route crosses the whole of the Valley and some of its towns and villages.

An alternative route is the N-340 (now a motorway), which joins the cities of Valencia and Alicante through the interior. Take the Engueradiversion and once on the CV-590 you should head towards the capital of the region, Ayora.

A network of local roads crosses the whole Valley. If you are not in a hurry we would recommend that you take the CV-425 route, given the beautiful countryside that the route takes in, uniting the centre of the Valley with the neighbouring towns of Macastre and Buñol.

Gastronomy and events:

The gastronomy of the Valley is, like its inhabitants, earthy, and is noted for the flavorsof the delicacies which are derived from the richness surrounding these towns and villages. Undoubtedly the most characteristic dish is gazpacho ayorino, a chicken, partridge or pigeon and rabbit stew,served on a wheat pancake. In Ayora the custom is to make “gazpachás populares”, where the village prepares a gazpacho to share with family and friends.

Ajetaois a typical dish based upon white beans cooked with cod and garlic mayonnaise and is prepared during the Angel fiesta. Gachamiga is mainly enjoyed during the winter months whilst following the “matanza del cerdo” (the slaughtering of the pig), the quality, artisan sausages produced maintain the traditional taste of the past. The cuisine of Valle de  Ayora-Cofrentes also offers a wide variety of pastries and desserts, such as aguamiel (sugared water), almendraos(macaroons), magdalenas(sponge cakes), mantecados(made from flour and almonds), lengüetas(cookies available from bakeries), each maintaining the flavor and customs of traditional cooking. It is worth mentioning the quality of the internationally renowned, artisanal honey produced in the region, famed for its properties.

Amongst the festival calendar of the region, the following are particularly noteworthy: the Batalladel Agua (water battle), celebrated in Jarafuel during the second half of August, el Día de los Locos(crazy day) and the Carnival in Jalance, and the Easter processions in Ayora. In Cofrentesa statue is erected during the Fallas festival and the cremá(burning of the statue) takes place on 1 May.The Primer Corte de la Miel (first honeyfestivities) and funfair take place during the second week of October.

Tourist Info:

Calle San Francisco s/n (Casa de la Cultura) C.P: 46620 Ayora
Telf: 961890658

Horario: Lunes, viernes, sábado y domingo de 10:00 a 13:30 h. Martes, miércoles y jueves de 10:00 a 13:00 h. Lunes, jueves viernes y sábado de 16:30 a 18:30 h

Plaza de España 6 C.P: 46625 Cofrentes
Telf: 961894316
Fax: 961894270

Horario: Diario de 9:30 a 13:30 y de 17:00 a 21:00 horas

Calle Targer 2 C.P: 46624 Jalance
Telf: 961897171
Fax: 962196451

Horario: De miércoles a domingo de 10:00 a 14:00 h.