El Camp de Morvedre occupies the northern part of the province. With the River Palanciaproviding its central axis, flanked by the Calderonamountains and with groves of orange trees extendingalmost to the beaches which border the edge of the region, this area is a true gift of natureto its inhabitants.

Crossing the region, from east to west, is a long-distance trail (the GR-10), which unites the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, beginning at the Picayo Mountain and ending in Lisbon, Portugal.

Without doubt this is a region which offers a wide range of possibilities:beaches of fine sand, sand dunes and crystal clear waters, filled with pine trees and natural viewpoints, the monasteries located in the heart of the Sierra (Saint Esperit/Gilet), celebrated summitsincluding El Garbi and El Picayo, legendary mountains such as the Calderona range, mountain villages, castles and natural springs. This combines witha wide selection of hotels and restaurants, which make up this excellent tourist region: el Camp de Morvedre.

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How to arrive:

The main access is from the A7 highway, which links Valencia with Barcelona.

Gastronomy and events:

The cuisine of the region of Camp de Morvedre, just like the rest of the regions of Valencia, has a tradition of rice based dishes prepared using many diverse methods. These include the traditional paella, l’arròsnegre(a black paella with squid ink), l’olla de fesolsi naps (a bean and turnip stew), l’empedrat(a layered salad of beans and olives), and other dishes like potaje de garbanzos (chickpea stew) and olla de carne (meat stew). The desserts of the region, found in local bakeriesand patisseries are also outstanding, in particular orelletesambmel(sweet honey biscuits) and coca en llanda(a traditional sweet cake). All in all, a varied and diverse offering of dishes from the sea and the country, to satisfy even the most refined palates.

This is without doubt a region with a rich and varied festival calendar. Semana Santa (easter week) has been declared a fiesta of National Tourist Interestandis celebrated throughout the region, but especially in Sagunt, where the Brotherhood of Puríssima Sang has been organizing the festival since the 15th century. Of the many celebrations perhaps the most notable are the raising of the Nazareno al Calvario on Via Crucis, the morning of Good Friday, the living representation of Christ, and the climbing of the steps of the executioners for the Saint Entierro procession. In Saguntother festivals are also celebrated including Fallas, the Moors and Christians,the July and Augustfiestas, and also the Theatrical Festival of Music and Dance (also known as ‘SaguntaEscena’).

The bull fighting festivals (bous al carrer and bouembolat)are well known throughout the region, especially those celebrated in the towns of Canetd’EnBerenguer, Estivella, Faura, Benifairó de les Valls and Gilet. Equally important and unique are the fiestas held in honor of ÁngelCustodio y Santa Ana, in Quartell, which take place during the second half of July.At the start of this festival, children from the village raise a giant pine tree known as the ‘plantà del pi’in the main square where the church is located.

InAugustthe town ofEstivella celebrates its festivals in honor of Saint Roc, the most outstanding of which is the nighttime Procession of Sant Roc, in whichthe image of the Saint passes through the village lit by many hundreds of torches. This takes placeduring the week before the festivities, thenon the Saint’s day, the statue is returnedto the chapel by pilgrims.

Torres Torrescelebrates with a festival in honor of the Virgen de la Leche(The Virgin of Milk) on the 31st of December, during which you will witness a spectacular floral offering to the Virgin. This marks the beginning of the endless festivals which are celebrated the length and breadth of the region throughout the whole year, especially in summer.

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